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Hello guys ..

Well I know that the subject repeatedly, and that there is someone that has the same objective since years ago .. And I'm really sorry about that, but I really want to know where I can watch "zoku jun bride" or "june bride" because I could not find it, So please I hope you help me .. I really want to watch this movie, a long time ago I wanted to watch this film and I could not find it never .. Well, hope y'all can help me !! and thanks ..byee ! :)

Little Glee Monster LINA's SOLO

Finally Little Glee Mosnter has uploaded Lina's SOLO!!!
Please Watch, Like and Share it!

Her name is Lina.
She's part of the group Little Glee Monster but the producer hasn't given her the chance to sing during their 2 lives
They think that "she's just a pretty face and she has a name we can use (She's Shirota Yu'slittle sister) But as you can see and hear SHE IS A VOICE, SHE IS A TALENT and SHE IS STAGE PRESENCE!
...Unless this  video gets enough "views" she won't be
allowed to sing...and to top it's a week late...the other videos have been uploaded for almost 2 weeks now and the live is tomorrow
She really deserves the chance to be heard. She's been working so hard...even hospital visits because of the stress the company has put on her!!!!
Please share the video and watch many times!!! That way she'll have a chance to sing tomorrow in the concert


Yu's little sister♥

I'm here to post a youtube video. It's not Yu but his sister!

I know this is a community dedicated to Yu but I thought that since it's his sister it would be ok to post. Her name is Lina and has joined a group called Little Glee Monster. Sadly, the producer has given her little to no chance to prove her abilities...Until Now! Here is a video of her singing. I hope you watch it, like it and share because she really needs the support. She has been going through a really tough time and deserves a chance.

MODs: Do let me know if this is not an appropriate post and I'll delete it...
pin ♥

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